Tuning: In language of music tuning means adjust an instrument with desire sound. For Guitar we will learn standard(universal) tuning. this also means guitar can be tuned in specific manner for special reasons, but that is not our topic so far. those who invented guitar have tuned (standard tuning) in this manner.

1. Strings of Guitar: E . B . G . D . A . E . ( because they are tuned to these notes)









2. compare with piano keyboard:

(i) First string is tuned to E note of 4th octave so known as; E4

(i) Second string is tuned to B note of 3rd octave so known as; B3

likewise, G3 , D3 , A2 , E2 .

3 octave.keys.

3 octave.keys.




3. Organ type tuner:

Organ type Guitar tuner.

Organ type Guitar tuner.









4. G-string tuner, webs tuner, Android app:

Tuner - gStrings Free - Google Play Android.

Tuner - gStrings Free - Google Play Android.

gstrings tuner app, graphics.

gstrings tuner app, graphics.


















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  1. jayant rajpurohit June 10, 2016 at 5:16 pm

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    Excellent post. Thanks for the valuable resource you are sharing.


    • Shailendra April 10, 2017 at 12:46 pm

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