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Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace): Guitar Chords Lesson

https://youtu.be/Tan0778DlO4 Scale of the song: Em/ G Chords: Em , G , Am & Asus2* Rhythm: ( see video for explanation)   Broken Vessels (Amazing Grace) lyrics &chords Music: || Em | G | Em | G |……. || All these (Em)pieces Broken and (G)scattered In mercy (Em)gathered Mended and (G)whole Empty (Em)handed But not… Read More »

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khamoshiyan Guitar Chords Lesson – part 1 _ with and without capo

Scale of song: Dm Chords: Dm, F, Bb, C Rhythm pattern: watch video for explanations   Khamoshiyan Lyrics and Chords (Dm)Khamoshiyan (Dm)aawaaz hain Tum (F)sun’ne to aao (C)kabhi…. (Dm)Chhukar tumhe (Dm)khill jaayengi Ghar (F)inko bulaao (C)kabhi (Bb)Beqarar hain (Bb)baat karne ko (C)Kehne do inko (C)zaraa….. (C)…………. Khamoshi(Dm)yan…….. (F) .  teri me(C)ri khamoshi(Dm)yan Khamoshi(Dm)yan…….(F)..   lipti… Read More »

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Tuning of Acoustic/electric Guitar, (HINDI)

  Tuning: In language of music tuning means adjust an instrument with desire sound. For Guitar we will learn standard(universal) tuning. this also means guitar can be tuned in specific manner for special reasons, but that is not our topic so far. those who invented guitar have tuned (standard tuning) in this manner. 1. Strings… Read More »

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Zaroori Tha, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Guitar chord Lesson

Scale of song : Gm# Chords used : Gm#, Cm#, Dm# ( with capo on 4th fret Em, Am, Bm ) Rhythm pattern: Refer video for explanations ___________________________________________________  Zaroori Tha Lyrics and Chords (Gm#) Lafz kitne hi tere pairon se lipte honge Tune jab (Gm#) aakhiri khat mera (Cm#) jalaya…(Gm#) hoga Tune jab (Gm#)phool, kitabon… Read More »

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