Lesson-1 & Lesson- 2, are free to go through, for rest other lessons you need to take membership. I will add you to site and send you login details once you make the payment and inform me.

Membership will cost you $25 (Rs. 1500/-) for a year.

** If, for some reason you feel that the lessons are not worth paying, I will refund the money ..!


Syllabus of Guitar Course,


User from outside India can make payment through Pay-Pal button.

*INDIAN user to make online payment through PayUmoney button.

** You can also make NEFT/self deposit to my SBI bank account 20017791776, IFSC Code: SBIN0009149, Branch Code: 009149 (afs salonibari).

After you make your payment, inform me by mail '''' I will reply you as soon as possible and add you to website, and will mail your login details. once you login, lessons will open for you..




Top comments by members,


''an amazing site to learn by reading and then visually following it up through videos. excellent work Shailendra, keep it up. though its not easy but progress is phenomenal.'' Capt BALJINDER SINGH on Contact us page.

''Dear Sir, lessons are really helpful. I had turned lethargic towards learning guitar but the way u hav put up lessons my enthu is again fueled. thanks. hav a great day.'' VINOD KUMAR VERMA  

''lessons are very useful and encouraging , nicely explained and coordinated. For beginners these are best one.'' Pankaj Singh on Membership Page .

Thanx dear teach us songs with simple theory..its great to have u with us as a guide….this videio i think help me to understand how we will put chords in song one by one…waiting for lots more like this type of vedio tutorial…even i want to talk with u and disscuss about it more…… '' SANJEEV KUMAR SHARMA on Lesson: 17 (Hindi)

''I checked so many videos on You-tube for learning , but this is the best all of them, great work, very good quality of videos.
Thanks a lot !!! '' Kunal Saini  on Lesson: 2 (HND.

Why we need to learn guitar scales videos are really good add- ons after solid background from your guitar lessons.. Excellent job Mr. Shailendra..Great thanks to you.'' DR. PRITANU DEB BARUAH on Lesson: 5 (Hindi)






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358 thoughts on “Membership

  1. Rahul Sharma

    Sir after learning and practicing all your 20 lessons perfectly will i able to find lead of any song as well as rethum pattren……

    1. Shailendra Post author

      Yes.. thats what intended through my lessons if you complete those lessons well. and could develop musical sence to do that .. maybe it will take much more time experiance for you to those things .. but In my lessons I have given all those Ideas and theory ..

      thank you..

  2. Sudhanshu Kumar

    Sir plz reply my last query regarding the purchase of guitar;?
    Thanks a lot

    1. Shailendra Post author

      oh.. I missed your comment .. you better might have wrote in mail ..
      yamaha-310 will be nice guitar for all purpose .. even you can chose a guitar for higher price..
      in guitar higher price are better one.. yes something like this ..

    2. Sudhanshu Kumar

      Thanks a lot sir . But my budget is only 10000 rs . So I hope Yamaha f310 as you suggested will be a good choice for me .
      Thank you once again .

        1. Sudhanshu Kumar

          Sir which acoustic guitar should I buy between , fender squire da 105,
          epiphone dr- 100 and
          ibanez v50njp.
          I will buy one which you suggest . This is my final decision .
          Regards ,
          Sudhanshu Kumar

  3. Amol Suresh kamble

    Hi Shailendra,

    I have made a payment via payumoney.

    Can you send me credentials to login?

    Many thanks,

  4. Suraj Narayan

    Hello sir …
    I want to join the course..
    I have made the payment…
    Please guide me further

  5. Sudhanshu Kumar

    Sir I wish to learn the guitar lessons as I am pretty interested in your lessons , have seen your YouTube videos , randomly came to your page . I am interested to be a part of your student zone , I do not know anything about guitar nor had any ? But I like music and mostly some pop and Indian singers like udit Narayan , lucky Ali, Mohammed irfan , Arijit , alka yagnik etc. among western pop singers I listen Enrique Iglesias, colbie calliet, sia, rihanna, cold play, Bryan Adams, Cody Simpson, edsheeran etc , I too love regional music like himachali folks , south songs mm keeravani, at rehman, shreya ghoshal etc , I love music . I think in today’s generation some new singers have evolved and trying to sing the old songs in new fashion is like murdering the soul of the song for ex( Indian pop singer like sanam puri singing the old songs of udit Narayan jee the legend. This is awkward that new generation youth like latest fast beat , and mostly like the songs resinged by new singers ) . I have also seen the video of you sir in which you appreciate that music is something spiritual and when it comes to guitar it is pious , i too think music can be felt and that thing definitely paced me to follow you , your simplicity and the nature and methods have paced me to pretty interested to learn guitar from you. I would love to follow you sir. The way you teach in English and Hindi is remarkable .
    Kindly let me be your disciple , let me know how and steps so that I can begin my memership .
    I also had doubt that I had never touched guitar in my life nor I had , I also not aware if I can learn via online classes or not ? Please help to deal with my confusion and shortcomings and your precious advices are welcomed . A keen music lover and ardent follower of you .

    1. Shailendra Post author

      yes .. I could know that you hav lot much music interest .. You can learn guitar if determined.
      Please start your learning and complete first two lessons that will give you an idea of learning here with website..
      once you are comfortable with then go ahead .. and let me know

      thank you

      1. Sudhanshu Kumar

        Respected sir , thanks for your reply . I am glad that you have encouraged me being a null practitioner of guitar . Last thing I wish to know that I have seen many your shortlisted guitar list but I still confused whether I buy a staring level instrument or a Yamaha f310 as its feedbacks are awesome . Kindly tell me As these instruments are not worth buying each time . Do I purchase f310 , as per you instructions . I am
        Asking because I wish I start with a big guitar having full size . Plz suggest I am in chaos .
        The next thing is that I listen hillsongs mostly cornerstones live , Rebecca st. James etc which are very peaceful and mostly western music , I love music there is no doubt and determined to learn guitar and take your lessons as soon as I buy a guitar . So kindly suggest me a particular model ?

        1. Shailendra Post author

          missed your comment notification ..
          yamaha-310 will be nice guitar for all purpose .. or yamahaf–370
          the second option is Ibanez acoutics, please check online..
          thank you

  6. Rammohan Dasari

    Hello Sir, I have made a payment through PayPal. Can you send me the credentials to login?

  7. Nishant Kumar Jain

    Sir, I have made a payment through paypal. Can you send me the credentials to login?

  8. shubham gaba

    Sir, I have paid the membership fees. Kindly share the login details.

  9. Santanu Mohapatra

    I have made the payment through payumoney
    Payment ID: 166499173
    Merchant Order ID: 18131-166499173
    Name- Santanu Mohapatra
    Kindly send the login details

  10. sams

    Sir i watched yr guitar lession videos… it was praiseworthy….really….!


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