QSN 1. Can I learn guitar well by this site.
ANS: Yes, if you have completed lesson 1& 2 well, then you can complete all lessons with time.

QSN 2. What all covered in lessons, what I will be able to do by learning through this.
ANS: Please see ''the-contents'' of course , read about course and of lessons on home page.

QSN 3. Does all lessons have video explanations.
ANS: Yes, each Hindi lessons have 2 or 3 videos except one or two advance lessons, some videos are on the way. ** English videos are in process of recording.

QSN 4. How to download videos of lessons-3 and onward lessons.
ANS : Please note that LESSON-3 and onward lessons are of paid subscriptions,
**** You-Tube videos of LESSON-3 and onward lessons are also in private section, not visible on You-Tube, only on this website, members can download it by clicking play to embedded site flash player, then click on You-tube symbol, same video will open in new tab on You-tube. so you can easily use any You-tube down-loader to download.

QSN 5. How to make payment.
ANS: All instruction for payment and membership is there on membership page, please see. Click PayUmoney (Indian User)/ Pay-Pal(user other than India) button to process any debit or credit card.

Thank you,

website is fully functional, Any other query please write me.




40 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. nirav trivedi

    Hi, I have a few question before i pay the amount for the course.

    what if i dont understand one session ? can i watch it 2 3 times to understand better ?
    What is the form of video : will it be watchable to any music player i.e. in mobile , tablet etc

    1. Shailendra Post author

      you can download the video in mp.4 formate play and pause on your device ..whenevr you want .. thank you.

  2. Nitin

    Hello. Shailendra Ji. Myself Nitin and I’m graphic designer & now I’m learning guitar as beginner so my question is why to denote the fretboard graphic image is vertical invert in “C major scale chapter, lesson 2. because a “thick line” thick string(6string) mentioned is down position in the graphic of fretboard . otherwise your graphic may also be a mistake but it’s very confused to me every time when i see. anyway you’re doing good job to learners and thankful for free lessons.


    1. Shailendra Post author

      generally when we make graph of fret-board we denote first string on top.. please see first lessons well.. that will help you..!! thanks.

  3. Sandeep Goyal

    Dear shailendra ji,
    Thanks for the nice lesson for begginers. i am practicing on guitar since last 3 days but by little finger could not placed properly on string. can you pls give some tips for the same?

      1. Sandeep Goyal

        thank you so much. your appreciation will lead me to learn guitar very soon.


    Dear Shailendra,
    Thank you for wonderful lesson you are teaching.
    I have been practicing guitar for quite some time now through your lessons.
    I would request you to put some details/videos on chord progression.


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