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How I find Chords _

to find chords of this song .. I just used my listening abilities to match the chords by putting capo on first fret. I got some clue when I saw my friend was singing this song by putting capo on first fret, so I matched the chord Am# along the song, found that much of… Read More »

How I find Chords and Lead pattern of a song ..

=————————————————————————————- =——————————————————————————————– Capo on 3rd fret: Am Em F G C & Dm as well Mere (Am)rashk e-Qamar Tu ne (Em)pehli Nazar Jab (F)nazar se milaayi (C)maza Aa(Am)gaya… x 2.. Mere (Dm)Rashk E Qamar Tu Ne (Am)Pehli Nazar Jab (G)Nazar Se Milaayi (C)Maza Aa(Am)gaya.. Barq (Am)si gir gayi Kaam (G)Hee Kar Gayi Aag (F)aisee Lagaayi… Read More »

O PalanHare _ Lead & Chords guitar lesson

Scale of the Song: D Chords: D, Dsus2, Dsus4, G6, G, Asus2, Asus4 . Rhythm: 4/4 | 1. 2. 3. 4. ||   Lyrics & chords (Dsus2)O Paalanhaa(G6)re, (Dsus2)Nirgun Aur Nyaa(D)re (Dsus2)O Paalanhaa(G6)re, (Dsus2)Nirgun Aur Nyaa(D)re (Dsus2)Tumre Bin Hamra (D)Kaunon (Dsus2)Naahin; (Dsus2)Humri Ul(G6)jhan (Dsus2)Suljhaao Bhag(D)wan (Dsus2)Tumre Bin Hamra (D)Kaunon (Dsus2)Naahin; (D)Tumhe Hum(G6)ka (Dsus2)Ho Sambhaa(D)le (D)Tumhe… Read More »