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By | April 19, 2016






Low Priced beginners guitar

1. Jixing JXNG Acoustic Guitar, Black/ Natural (Rs 2400)
2. Jurez Acoustic Guitar, 38 Inch Cutaway,(Rs 2400)

3. Juârez JRZ38C Acoustic Guitar, Sunburst (Rs 2700)

Medium Price

4. Kadence KAD-FNTR Acoustic Guitars With Bag black (Rs3900)
5. Kadence Frontier Series,KAD-FNTR-NAT-C (Rs4500)

6. Grail A190C Acoustic Guitar, Cutaway, Natural with combo (Rs 5,500)
7. KAPS ST - 1CM, Acoustic Guitar, Natural (Rs 5,500)

GOOD Guitars

8. Fender SA-105 Acoustic Guitar Pack - Sunburst

10. Squier by Fender SA 105-N Acoustic Combo (Rs 9,500 )

BEST : Yamaha _Guitars

11. Yamaha F310, Acoustic Guitar, Natural (Rs 8,500)

12. Ibanez V50NJP-NT Acoustic Guitar Pack, Natural High Gloss (Rs. 10,000)




first three are cheap & best guitars for beginners.. But as you go higher budget surly you get better one...

**I have suggested the best possible availability online on these two market places.. Purchasing online has certain known limitation as you know.. But getting a great guitar in your budget is also possible with my recommendations .. trust your luck and prayers..!! it works,,!!

thank you..








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117 thoughts on “best learners guitar on

  1. Sandeep kale

    Hello sir….
    I am beginner for guitar learning.I wanted to buy HOBNER 265 MODEL. It costs aroud Rs. 4000. How is it for beginner ?

  2. Sandeep kale

    Hello Sir,
    I am beginer for guitar,,I want to buy HOBNER 265 model…
    How is it for begineer ?It cost around rs. 4000 ?

  3. Raj

    How is AMAZE AW41CE101 SP Electro-Acoustic Guitar? Is it worth for Beginners.

  4. pavan sidam

    i m beginner is Kadence KAD-FNTR Acoustic Guitars With Bag black (Rs3900) will be better for me

  5. rajat

    sir is the amaze brand guitar is good or not pls suggest me my budget is around 5k pls sir suggest me a good quality guitar in this range

  6. Pankaj

    Features & details
    Fretboard material:Rosewood
    Body material:Spruce Wood
    Type:Acoustic Guitar
    Stainless Steel Copper wound strings
    Body type: Cutaway
    Product Information
    Brand Kadence
    Model KAD-FNTR-SUN-C
    Product Dimensions 107 x 49.2 x 12.6 cm
    Item model number KAD-FNTR-SUN-C
    Material spruce
    Is it good?

  7. pritam das

    You’re living in Kolkata, try a tour around DumDum. There’s a company called grason. You’ll find best guitars in your range over there. Better if you go and test them so you know which feels comfortable in hand.

      1. Shashank sharma

        Sir epiphone ka guitar kharid sakte hai main bahut confuse hun

  8. Viral Doshi

    Ur video is really helpful for first time buyers…
    I had seen 2 guitars in furtados
    Granada company & the other was havana…can u pls guide me how is it..
    And which one is better..

  9. Anindya Ghosh

    Sir, the 1st 3 guitars that u have selected r those good for 5.11″ male?

  10. Anup sawant

    Sir mujhe guitar sikhani hai…but mai lefty hoon….is karan mai kon sa guitar lu mujhe samajh nahi raha…

    1. Rohit Singh Deo

      Bro…buy a dreadnought guitar of ur budget…. nd reverse the strings. It will be the best option.

  11. Vikrant

    Sir Cort Ad 810e and Yamaha f310 acoustic guitar main se Kaunsa atcha hain main confuse hoon main ek beginner hoon plz help me sir

  12. Vikrant

    Sir cort ka ad810e Kaisa guitar hain main confuse hoon between Yamaha f310 and cort AD 810e main beginner hoon

  13. Jha

    I am a beginner, I don’t know any thing about guitar can you please suggest me which type of guitar is suitable for me (guitar must be in small size and not that much expensive). Plzzzzz


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