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Low Priced beginners guitar

1. Jixing JXNG Acoustic Guitar, Black/ Natural (Rs 2400)
2. Jurez Acoustic Guitar, 38 Inch Cutaway,(Rs 2400)

3. Juârez JRZ38C Acoustic Guitar, Sunburst (Rs 2700)

Medium Price

4. Kadence KAD-FNTR Acoustic Guitars With Bag black (Rs3900)
5. Kadence Frontier Series,KAD-FNTR-NAT-C (Rs4500)

6. Grail A190C Acoustic Guitar, Cutaway, Natural with combo (Rs 5,500)
7. KAPS ST - 1CM, Acoustic Guitar, Natural (Rs 5,500)

GOOD Guitars

8. Fender SA-105 Acoustic Guitar Pack - Sunburst

10. Squier by Fender SA 105-N Acoustic Combo (Rs 9,500 )

BEST : Yamaha _Guitars

11. Yamaha F310, Acoustic Guitar, Natural (Rs 8,500)

12. Ibanez V50NJP-NT Acoustic Guitar Pack, Natural High Gloss (Rs. 10,000)




first three are cheap & best guitars for beginners.. But as you go higher budget surly you get better one...

**I have suggested the best possible availability online on these two market places.. Purchasing online has certain known limitation as you know.. But getting a great guitar in your budget is also possible with my recommendations .. trust your luck and prayers..!! it works,,!!

thank you..








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