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Low Price

1. Jixing JXNG Acoustic Guitar, Black/ Natural (Rs 2400)
2. Jurez Acoustic Guitar, 38 Inch Cutaway,(Rs 2400)

3. Juârez JRZ38C Acoustic Guitar, Sunburst (Rs 2700)


4. Kadence KAD-FNTR Acoustic Guitars With Bag black (Rs3900)
5. Kadence Frontier Series,KAD-FNTR-NAT-C (Rs3900)

6. Grail A190C Acoustic Guitar, Cutaway, Natural with combo (Rs 5,500)
7. KAPS ST - 1CM, Acoustic Guitar, Natural (Rs 5,990)
8. Aria Fiesta 30041C Acoustic Cutaway Guitar, (Rs 5,900)


Good : Hertz_ Guitars

9. HERTZ HZA-7000 Electro Acoustic- BLACK (Rs 9,500)

11. Squier by Fender SA 105-N Acoustic Natural (Rs 8,500 )

BEST : Yamaha _Guitars

12. Yamaha F310, Acoustic Guitar, Natural (Rs 8,500) 
13. Yamaha F310 TBS, Acoustic Guitar, Sunburst (Rs 9,400)

14. Ibanez V50NJP-NT Acoustic Guitar Pack, Natural High Gloss (Rs. 10,000)


Electro acoustic guitars..

1. Amaze AW41CE101 Electro-Acoustic Guitar, (Rs 6500)

2. Grail A190CE Electro Acoustic Guitar Cutaway Natural (Rs 6600)

3. Kadence Acoustic Guitar (With Equalizer Jumbo 41 inch) Rs 5100 

4. Fender Squier SA-105CE (black) Electro-Acoustic (Rs 11.9k)

5. Ibanez AEG8E-BK Electro Acoustic Guitar, Cutaway black (Rs 15k)

6. Yamaha FX310A Full Size Electro-Acoustic Guitar, Natural (Rs 15k)



first three are cheap & best guitars for beginners.. But as you go higher budget surly you get better one...

**I have suggested the best possible availability online on these two market places.. Purchasing online has certain known limitation as you know.. But getting a great guitar in your budget is also possible with my recommendations .. trust your luck and prayers..!! it works,,!!

thank you..








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103 thoughts on “best learners guitar on

  1. Dr Sandeep Jain

    Sir I m a beginner 39 yrs old. Me and my son 12 year both want to learn guitar. Budget 10000(+-2000). Kindly recommend me one model and source? Thanks.

  2. Izaz Rahaman

    Sir,Please recommend a electric guitar for beginner.Thank you.

  3. Akshay

    How is Grails 190 ce and from where I can purchase it?
    On Amazon it is not available

  4. manthan

    what about fender cd60 or epiphone pro 1??? which one is better i am buying guitar after three days but i am confused… i am little bit up from a beginner .. so please recommd a guitar as soon as possible budget is 14k!!!

  5. NiRAJ Gawas

    Please provide Your feedback about J & D guitar.


  6. Akash

    Sir I want purchase a electro acoustic guitar so u plz suggest me whoose better & cheap plz reply

  7. suraj

    Sir ,is fender squier sa105 a good guitar for beginners and ,what to do if I am lefty

  8. Mansi

    My mom gifted me an acoustic guitar from Flipkart. The name of the brand is Zabel and model no. is ZBTR01.
    Do you think it’s good for beginners?

  9. anjali

    Sir, I want to buy a good guitar under 6K…i am a beginner & want to learn singing so i would buy a guitar with pickup please suggest some good guitars? 🙂

    1. Playback Singer Abhishek

      If you want to perform in stage you can buy with pickul if you not buy with pick up and you are a stage performer you will find some difficulty

  10. Preet

    Sir, I hv buy Yamaha f310 from Amazon’s nd I m biginner. I m left handed so I can change its streen for left hand and it work same as right hand?


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