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Why not making new lessons 






Yes, due to study of a different subject I kept a break in making lessons but yes; I intend to make much more guitar lessons explaing guitar music at my best..!

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Mere Rashke Qamar Guitar Chords

Capo on 3rd fret: Am Em F G C & Dm as well

Mere (Am)rashk e-Qamar Tu ne (Em)pehli Nazar
Jab (F)nazar se milaayi (C)maza Aa(Am)gaya… x 2..

Mere (Dm)Rashk E Qamar Tu Ne (Am)Pehli Nazar
Jab (G)Nazar Se Milaayi (C)Maza Aa(Am)gaya..

Barq (Am)si gir gayi Kaam (G)Hee Kar Gayi
Aag (F)aisee Lagaayi (C)Maza Aa(Am)gaya.

Jaam (Am)Mein Ghoul Kar Husan (G)Ki Mastiyaan
Chaand(F)ni Muskurai (C)Maza Aa(Am)gaya..

music.. Am..Am...

Be (Dm)Hijabaana Wo Saam(Am)ne Aagaye
Aur (G)Jawaani Jawaani Se (C)Takra (Am)Gayi
Aankh (Am)Unki Laree Yoon Me(G)ri Aankh Se
Daikh (F)Kar Ye Laraai (C)Maza Aa(Am)gaya..

Mere (Am)rashk e-Qamar Tu Ne (Em)Pehli Nazar
Jab (F)Nazar Se Milaayi (C)Maza Aa(Am)gaya… x 2..

Aankh (Am)mein Thee Hayaa Her (G)Mulaqaat Par
Surkh (F)Aariz Hu'ay Wasl (C)Ki Baat (Am)Par
Us Ne (Am)Sharma Ke Mere (G)Sawaalat Pe
Aise (F)Gardan Jhukaayi (C)Maza Aa(Am)gaya.


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Why Guitar strings Break while tuning.. (Hindi)

korg guitar tuner:

recommended guitar strings:

what to do if Guitar strings Break while tuning.. (Hindi) Best answer is.. you need a good quality guitar which has better stainless steel tuning keys, that will be smooth and free from corrosion for long time.. then you need good quality strings which has corrosion resistance quality..  and yes be good and patient while tuning as shown in the video..
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