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Lesson: 1 (HND) ,  Lesson: 1 (ENG)

Lesson: 2 (HND) ,  Lesson: 2 (ENG)

Guitar lessons, 1 & 2 are free to go through, and for further lessons you need to take membership. All the lessons are fully covered with video explanations on GUITAR LESSON page and can be access by site members.



About the site: this site has been developed to teach Guitar and its music concepts from beginning stage. Presently site has 20-week Basic guitar course and many free lessons on Free sec page.

site has 6 pages.


About Basic Guitar Course: Contents of Course.

There are 20 lessons drafted for basic course, one lesson a week in manner, An average person will take approximately 6 month to complete it; (A practice of minimum 3 hours is needed to complete each weekly lessons).

*If One goes through these lessons according to training manner then he/she would be able to-

1. Fully understand guitar and its music concepts from very beginning,
2. Will learn all kinds of popular scales including diatonic, pentatonic and blues scales.
3. Play and understand different kinds of chords played on guitar i.e. major, minor, 7th, 9th, sus2, sus4, add, dim, and power chords, bar chords etc. you will learn how chords are formed.

4. Learn all popular rhythms used in western songs as well as Bollywood songs.
5. figure-out scale (key) and chords and rhythm pattern for much of popular songs/ worship songs/ Bollywood songs, alone.
6. Understand basics of western music theory concepts.

7. And above all, this will be base of solid ground in music, would possess theoretical knowledge of western music, and of guitar, would be able to understand music language, style, and all other terms used on You-tube and elsewhere in music/ guitar tutorials, can also go to next level in guitar playing.


About the lessons:  lessons are original work of scientific understanding, have been carefully drafted considering all things, its starts from very A,B,C,D of guitar i.e. how to hold guitar and how to hold pick and so forth and goes up-to Rock and Blues patterns. I have tried to make these lessons interesting by putting in chunks and avoided any burdensome. lessons will suit a person of any age group even 12 year old and above. Once again, lessons are in manner of 1 lesson 1 week practice.

About guitar learning: One Important thing about guitar learning is that you do not need any extraordinary quality to be good at it, You only need to know its methods to learn it by hard practice. There is no shortcut for anything good, you need to give time and learn things according; guitar learning takes what it takes else it's fake.




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